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Security Camera Captures Unidentifiable Creature Walking Across Lawn

The stuff nightmares are made of.
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Urban legends, or modern folklore, are an interesting realm of study. Many people are inclined to think beings in ancient folklore have some basis in reality, simply because their stories have existed for so long, But when modern folkloric legends pop up, and you can actually trace, document and witness their creation, it begins to make you doubt all the legends you were previously taking for granted.

For instance: the rake. The rake is a being created in the last twenty years thanks to so-called “creepy pasta” takes on the internet. It bears similarities to more ancient Native American entities, such as skinwalkers and Wendigo, but came into being in 2005 on the website 4chan. Rakes are described as being tall, thin, pale creatures, with vague humanoid shapes, but who creep around on all fours and slash at your with their eerily long fingers and shape claws. They are found (where else?) in rural Appalachia.

Surely, that is what the people who made this video were going for. 


In the video, which purports to be security camera footage (one Twitter commenter: “nice handheld ‘security camera’!”) a glowing, pale creature with long arms is seen creeping eerily around a dark area. It bears all the hallmarks of this urban legend, with it s strange gait, thin limbs, and bent back.

“That looks like me getting out of a chair when I’ve been sitting longer than ten minutes,” says one viewer.

Others are similarly quick to laugh at this obviously fake footage. “Why do all these creatures have back problems?” One asks. “They’re a million years old, give them a break,” remarks another.

Well, not in this case. Rakes are only seventeen.