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Person Records Creepy Figure Lurking in Empty House Across Street

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Abandoned houses are incredibly creepy places, and videos abound on the internet of people exploring these sites, revealing in the desolate atmosphere and spooky vibes. Sometimes, however, you don’t even need to go in the abandoned place to appreciate how scary they are. Sometimes, the scary comes looking for you.

And that’s what appears to be happening in this video, in which a person filming the empty house across the street suddenly has a much clearer picture of why it’s failed to sell for half a year, even in this hot real estate market.

In the video, a person filming through the window in what he claims to be their mother’s house, catches sight of a creepy figure lurking in the window of the house across the way.

According to the video, this house has been empty for six months, and maybe we understand why when we get a closer look at who is standing in the door.

Is it the cursed little girl from The Ring? The kid from The Exorcist? At a glance, it could be either of those terrifying horror-film children. (I’m leaning toward Regan, but only because we can see her gray-hued face.)

In a white nightgown with stringy black hair hanging down all over her wan features, the figure glares out the window at those watching. Um, that means us.

The idea that this is staged is a pleasant, hopeful one, and likely, given the fact that it looks so very much like the scary stuff from famous horror movie franchises. But if not… well, good luck selling the place.

Or surviving the night.

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