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Home Security Camera Captures Something Trying to Turn Cross Upside Down in Empty Home

Time to call the priest, we think!

As if haunted houses aren’t bad enough, this woman seems to have some kind of evil entity attached to her, and every time she lets her guard down, it shows her that it, for one, will never sleep, as in this creepy video. 


In the video, which is taken by a home security camera of a seemingly empty room, the Christian cross hanging on the wall begins to swing wildly, as if something invisible is trying to tear it down or turn it upside down (a move that many associate with the occult or demonic presences).

Viewers of this video are fun or criticisms, suggestions, and other deep thoughts.

“Isn’t this the house from Paranormal Activity?” asks one, echoing the thoughts of dozens of others. But these people seem to think there’s only one house in the world with open arched doorways and plentiful home security cameras. (Hint: it’s not.)

Others claim it’s just trick photography or special effects.

“People, there are no strings!” cries one commenter familiar with this creator’s travails. “This is Tammy's daily life and has been for years! It not only affects Tammy, but her family as well. This is no joke!”

The creator, named Tammy, has been tormented by some entity since she was twelve. She’d had priests to bless her, her environs and her belongings many times. Nothing seems to help. Currently, she is working with an exorcist, in hopes that she can finally get some relief. We hope it works!