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Auctioneers Show Off Hundreds of Creepy Items They Received from "Murder House"

Whose estate is this, anyway?

The life of an auction house worker must be so fascinating, given the pictures that can be painted of the lives of those whose estates they manage. Who was the person who owned such an array of items? What must their lives have been like? What, perhaps, were the curses that they may have laid upon the objects now waiting to be resold?

In this case, they have a couple of these answers, but none of them are great, to be honest. After a terrible tragedy and year-long legal battle, the family of this person has agreed to auction off every strange and unusual item in this man’s house. Take a look at the array.


The employees at the auction house call this estate the “murder house” for a very good reason. The estate became available after the owner of the house killed his brother, and then himself. There are no more details, but judging by the items now in the possession of these sellers, this man was always a bit on the odd side.

From weird old machinery like vises and ampere readers, to disturbing antique signs (“Swimming Pool: Whites Only”), to a ridiculous amount of statuary shaped like human body parts, let’s just say we have a lot of questions.

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The scariest thing in the collection for us was a “cigar box” that, when opened, revealed an array of bronze statues shaped like human fingers but wrapped up like cigars. But there’s a little something horrific for everyone here.

We wish the auction house the best of luck with the sale, and the future owners of these items: best of luck with the inevitable curse

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