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Security Camera Catches Large Creature Vanishing in Yard

Where did it go?
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Some believe that strange animals lurk in the night. Stories of werewolves, black dogs, and Sasquatch are ancient, but there are new cryptids being invented all the time, and they haunt the highways and byways of this country, congregating rural areas and waiting to strike. These folks think they caught some kind of bizarre, white fanged thing on their porch security camera. Weirdest of all, it vanished as it turned to go!

At first glance, the animal seems like it could be a dog. It has long limbs and a long, whip-like tail, but that might describe any number of Doberman-type dogs or even short-haired hounds like a Greyhound. But as it turns you see its face, which is long and beaky, with what looks like very sharp fangs.

It is sniffing around the yard, and then turns and walks toward the top of the screen, away from the camera, where it becomes translucent and then disappears.

So what is this thing?

The most likely explanation is that the “disappearance” is an artifact of the type of storage these security cameras use. The same buffer is used over and over again, and as the cameras are designed to capture things near the house, instead of all the way across the yard, it’s possible that a figure walking in shadow in the night was not enough to overcome the buffered recording of the empty street, making it look a little transparent. The creepy, “fang” appearance might also be due to the way the night vision is rendering on the animal’s skin. It may look very scary in this recording, but in reality be nothing more than a fluffy stray dog.

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