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"Non-Human Creature" Slaughters Horse in Ohio

Well, this is....unsettling.

In today’s modern, urbanized age, it can be hard to believe that there are still wild things and wild places. I regularly interact waitpeople who are astonished that there are alligators living wild in relatively populated neighborhoods of Florida, and that sometimes they even kill humans.

But even though people think they have killed off all the predators, there are still a decent number left. And sometimes, they enact carnage.

In Southern Ohio, a Sheriff’s office is reporting a mysterious death of a horse. Now, animals die, and sometimes unpleasantly, but there are some strange facts surrounding the death of this particular creature, and a few that have a lot of people very concerned. The deputy’s report reads: “[The farmer] stated today he found his barn torn apart and was missing a horse, he stated there was blood in the barn and the back door was busted open. He found the horse in the creek in the back of the property dead. He has cameras and stated he checked it already and [no one] had been there since he was yesterday. Upon further inspection, we were able to determine that a human did not do this to the horse.”

Well, that last line, at least, is a relief. One would not like to imagine a human tormenting a poor domesticated animal in this way. But if it was something “non-human,” as stated in the repot, it leaves one wondering what wild animals roam the farmlands of southern Ohio. Is it something normal, like a bear or a wolf? Or something altogether more spooky?

Ohio, after all, is full of monsters, from Grassman and Mothman to even Bigfoot.

Stay tuned.

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