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Coyote Plays in Backyard with Spirit of Dog Who Has Passed

He's definitely not alone out there.
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Coyotes are known for being playful animals, and their antics are not unlike those of their domestic cousins, the dog. Though one should always be wary of wild animals, there are countless videos online of coyotes playing with dog toys or even with family pets. Especially in instances where a young coyote has separated from its own family unit but hasn’t yet created a new pack, a lonely coyote is often found out there looking for new friends.

In this case, the coyote seems to be playing with an animal who isn’t there. But the woman who took this video has a theory: the creature was just making friends with her resident ghost. 


In the video, a coyote appears to frolic around the yard with something invisible. It acts just like any other playful canine, jumping and dodging, pausing to let the other animal—whatever it is—catch up, and then beginning again. But there is no other coyote, or dog, in sight.

Viewers are in awe. “He’s definitely playing with someone,” says one. “This made my heart smile,” says another. Others share their own stories of ghost pets, such as one that always played with the tire swing in life, and sometimes causes that swing to veer wildly on its rope, as if to say that it’s still around. Another tells the story of a ghostly canine who haunts the pet food store, and always plays with their dog when they visit.

Maybe it’s true what they say, that animals really are closer to the spirit world.