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San Diego ICU Nurse Claims Long COVID Can Make You "See Ghosts"

Is it a paranormal experience, or a symptom of something else?

Those suffering from Long COVID have reported a range of symptoms, from fatigue and heart palpitations to strange rashes, changes in their sense of smell, and “brain fog.” But for ICU nurse and Long COVID advocate Marianna Cisneros, her struggles with this emerging condition had symptoms of a far more terrifying kind: ghosts.


In the video, Cisneros, who has been documenting her journey on TikTok under the name @mariannagioo, describes some of the paranormal experiences she says she has experienced since she was struck by Long COVID. In one instance, she claims she saw a “decomposing boy” standing in her doorway wearing a 1920s “train conductor” costume. In another instance, she has a transcendent experience that she describes as being like she could see the energy of every living thing around her.

These visuals are not unlike the hallucinations that one experiences during bouts of psychosis, toxic mold poisoning, or even under the influence of psychedelic drugs. If one is unfamiliar with what is happening, it can be deeply disturbing.

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Cisneros says that the idea of post-COVID psychosis is little known, and that when she first described her symptoms to her medical provider, she thinks she “scared him.” However, her tireless advocacy on her own behalf and for other sufferers of Long COVID have helped her clarify what is happening in her own brain as well as others who might be experiencing sudden insights into the unknown.

So, if you are recovering from COVID and all of a sudden suspect that your house is haunted, it might not be because a demon portal has opened in your basement. You may be just another victim of this strange and wildly variable illness. 

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