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Cottage Witch Shares Her Book of Shadows

Looking for inspiration?

We have Book of Shadows envy over this gorgeous cottage witch style! She uses hers to explore the divine and the natural world around her, contemplating the rhythms of nature, the seasons of the sun, and the cycles of the moon. She believes that through these reflections she deepens her connection to the flow of life. She ends with the affirmation that when she is aligned with this flow, life is effortless.  

One of the first pages she includes is an illustration of the “magic wheel” that shows the Wiccan wheel of the year along with corresponding moon phases, astrology signs, and the traditional Gregorian calendar dates. Later pages delve into the meanings of these phases and connections as they are occurring, which is a good way to sync one's own ebb and flow with that of the natural cycles that occur around us on a planetary level. 

Some of her daily spreads include a three card tarot pull which she records, notating the interpretation. Alongside these contemplations are decorative stickers, washi tape, and stamps that create a cozy vibe rather than the traditionally expected dark gothic vibe. Tracking tarot readings is common, especially among beginners of the practice who wish to better learn the different meanings, as well as track predictions for future examination of accuracy. Once the meaning of the cards is mastered, many go on to create personalized tarot decks to go along with their Book of Shadows. 

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