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Cottage Witch Offers Heartwarming Perspective Oh How Beautiful Witchcraft Can Be

“When they see a stick, they see energy.”

In the little corner of TikTok reserved for practicing witches, it has become popular to create a video utilizing the audio of one witch’s husband discussing the cozy and heartwarming beauty of their craft. So often, witches are portrayed as either ugly fiends or evil temptresses, but the truth is neither. They are simply those whose belief system holds that there is power in the natural world around us, and that this power can be harnessed in mystical ways. As the man says, “They see a world of wonder, and it’s truly beautiful to see it through their eyes.”


In the video, a self-proclaimed “cottage witch” plays this audio while making a spell jar. “A prayer goes into everything I bring into my home,” her caption reads in part. She carefully fills a giant, decorative glass jug with items she has collected, from moss to “every special rock her daughter has brought home.”

She sprays her collection with “Florida water” she has made. Florida water, to the uninitiated, is not water from Florida. Rather, it is a type of perfume with citrus and floral notes that was named for the mythical “Fountain of Youth” that the conquistador Ponce deLeon searched for in Florida. It has been a part of several indigenous and Southern spiritual practices for a long time, bought both commercially and made by hand.

When she finishes this jug filled with her daughter’s rock collection, these potent perfumes, and the cushion of moss, it will be new decor for her living room.

“There’s so much magic in the mundane,” she says.