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New Owner of the ‘Conjuring’ House Captures Some Creepy Activity

I don’t think you could pay me to live there.

In 2019, the Heinzen family made the questionable decision to purchase the Rhode Island farmhouse made famous in the true-life horror film, The Conjuring. As paranormal investigators, they hoped to the fix up the house, do a little supernatural exploration, and open it up for visitors who wanted to experience their own night of terror.

But living in a haunted house can be a bit taxing. Ever since they bought the place, the family has stories of doors slamming on their own, lights flashing in rooms that don’t have lights in them, and plenty of “EVP” and “spirit box” activity.

And then, there’s the dolls. 


I have to side-eye the choice to fill their haunted house with Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, after all, it is a Raggedy Ann doll that is the model for the infamous “Annabelle”, a haunted doll whose reign of terror was also investigated by the famous Warren family of paranormal investigators (and documented in a string of “Conjuring” and Conjuring-adjacent films. Nevertheless, the Heinzens are paranormal investigators, too, and they are trying to get a tourist trade going. So it stands to reason they have decorated to theme.

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It also stands to reason that the ghosts are going to take advantage of that. This doll has been known to move multiple times when people enter the room, but lest you think it’s just getting jiggled on an old floor, she helpfully jumps around near the chair its on so you can see that it’s usually quite securely in place.

Recently, the family has made the decision to sell the house, but to stay on as tour guides and paranormal investigators. So close to a good choice…

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