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Clip Resurfaces of Congressman Tim Burchett Claiming UFOs Were in the Bible

Will Congress push for further declassifications?

A TMZ clip of Tennessee congressman Tim Burchett from summer of 2021 has begun recirculating, perhaps in response to so many new UFO sightings shared on social media. He speaks freely on his views regarding Russian technology, government coverups of UFOs, and how he believes passages of the Bible reference flying saucers descending to Earth.  

Rep. Burchett (Tennessee, R) is asked about President Biden’s discussion on UFO technology with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He calls that “ridiculous” and asserts that if Russians had alien technology they would “own us right now”. He then goes on to elaborate the same rumors circulated about Nazis for World War II which he also believes they would have won, were those rumors true. He claims this logically means whatever is going on must be from outside of our galaxy.  

He is also asked about presidential declassification of documents, which he states has been disappointing because every president says they will do something about it but then does not. He complains the most recent declassifications were all heavily redacted leaving little actual information. He concludes this means something must be going on that the government believes citizens can’t handle and states his belief that UFOs were in the Bible. 

Rep. Burchett continues on to allege that the UFO incident of Roswell, NM was covered up by the government. He also makes the bold assertion that more people believe in UFOs than in congress. He went on to say that the U.S. Air Force had a release in 1948 about Roswell which was the big deal at the time and the big cover up that took place there was a smart aleck who smirked the whole time and nobody took it seriously. He believes people ought to take it seriously though, because the American public wants to know and deserves to know.

He finishes his interview by saying that he believes one day somebody will release it all along with other coverups like the Kennedy assassination.

We await that kind of “honesty” with bated breath. 

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