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Colorado Man Shares His Story of Terrifying Cryptid Encounter

He’s never going to look at camping the same again.
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There are many legends and myths about waterfalls being portals to other realms, hidden lands of magic and mystery. Some people believe that UFOs and cryptids are not aliens or animals as we understand them, but rather creatures with supernatural abilities, that live in hidden places within the earth hat they access through portals in mountains, waterfalls, of under the sea.

This man had a cryptid experience while out camping in Colorado that he will never forget.

The story starts the way many stories about Bigfoot or other cryptids begins—rocks thrown at campers from some unknown location. But then it gets weird. He describes a feeling of derealization or depersonalization in the eerie silence of their isolated campsite, where everything felt too silent and still to be actually real. While certainly strange, such sensations are not necessarily signs of anything bad. They can also occur during meditation, exercise, yoga, prayer, or other times that they come with a sensation of peace. Especially in our crowded, plugged in modern era, being confronted with the profound silence and stillness of the wilderness can be quite jarring.

Then, they hiked to a waterfall. There, they experienced the strangest phenomenon yet. After feeling as if they were being watched, they suddenly noticed the shadow of a humanoid creature lurking behind the waterfall. As they stood there, they said the water itself took on form, like “Gumby” and reached for them.

At this point, the man and his camping companions, two of whom were Native familiar with he area, decided that it was time to get out of there. When he asked his companions if they should call the police, they dd not think it would do much good.

What is unknown wants to stay unknown.

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