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Family Driving Outside Vail, Colorado, Almost Hit Bigfoot with Car

The sheriff says that happens a lot.
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A family driving east on Interstate 70 between Vail and Denver recently had to swerve to avoid crashing into something that they swear was a Bigfoot, according to a recent report on the website Reddit.


At first, the man did not believe what he had seen, but then his mother (in the back seat) and his wife (seated next to him) both confirmed that whatever it was in the road looked highly unusual.

The man said the creature they almost hit was at least eight feet tall, with shaggy black hair all over its body.

Some Bigfoot detractors claim that what people are really seeing is a bear on its hind legs crossing the road, but one wonders why a bear would cross a highway on hind legs. Additionally, the woman in the back of the car particularly noticed the creature’s legs, which she said were very long and humanoid.

The driver said that he has never believed in Bigfoot, and is still having trouble admitting that he saw what he saw. Baffled by his experience, the man said he’s never driving without a dashboard camera again, just in case his memory (and the memories of everyone in the car) are playing tricks on them.

They reported the incident to the local authorities, who told them that they had received many such reports on that particular stretch of road. The sheriff’s confirmation is, perhaps, the most interesting part of this tale. “Her telling me I wouldn’t feel crazy if I knew how many reports there were was the first thing that made me feel normal afterwards,” he claims.