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Psychic Claims Seeing Colors Behind Closed Eyes May Have Significance

This often happens during meditation.
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Throughout history, people have attributed different different symbolic meanings to different colors. The Chinese believe that red is a color of good luck and good fortune, whereas in the west it symbolized passions, anger, and even war. Green was once associated with sickness and death, while in modern times, the color green works as a stand-in for nature and environmental causes. Black was also a symbol of death and grieving once, though now, people wear black to appear modern and chic.

But because the meanings and symbols associated with these colors change over time and in different cultures, what they symbolize to the person using them and seeing them might also have different associations. It’s important to examine what exactly these colors meant to you if you notice them behind your eyes.

“Do you see colors when you close your eyes?” asks the psychic medium at the beginning of this video. “If this checks some boxes for you, you are very clairvoyant.” She explains that this might happen when you are meditating, praying, drifting off to sleep, or just in a quiet moment. If you sit with these abilities, and seek to explore and develop them, they might be your pathway into the spirit world and into greater psychic powers.

But start with the colors. What do these colors make ou feel? Do you see certain colors over and overlain? Can ou change the colors you see by thinking about them? Try it out and see what happens.

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