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Man Finds Ancient Looking Coin Buried At Home’s Foundation

What could it mean?

There are few words as thrilling as “treasure hunt”. The idea that impossible riches are just a bit of detective work and a lot of elbow grease away. But for those who think treasure hunting is the stuff of Hollywood movies or Victorian-era tomb raiding, rest assured: there are still many practitioners of the pastime in modern times. Only now they are armed with metal detectors rather than crumbling maps.

This fellow thinks he found something extremely intriguing while digging in his gardenL an old coin with strange markings on it. But what is this item? What was used for? And is he in any trouble for having dug it up?


In this video, a man shows off an old metal coin he found near the foundation of his house. Comments on the video range all over the place, with some insisting it is buried there for protection and is “Irish” in origin, while others claim that as long as he sages it and puts it back, no harm will come to him.

Is it really an ancient protection coin? Not so fast.

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As several viewers of the video point out, the markings on that coin are very similar to those an old Spanish doubloon. Which is not to say that he’s found a stash of doubloon, because both metal and plastic replicas of the coin are extremely popular toys and novelty items, sold as part of pirate playlets, given away on pirate ship boat tours, and tossed onlookers at parades.

Though entirely possible that this is buried treasure, it’s more likely one that belonged to a child playing a game. 

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