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Woman Claims Cleansing Salt Baths are Key to Peaceful Co-Parenting Transitions For Her Kids

It's supposed to cleanse their intuitive energies.
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Co-parenting can be a rough gig. After all, if you agreed with the person about major life choices, maybe you wouldn’t be in a “co-parent” situation to start with. Many people are able to make it work, and experts claim that if you can keep the peace between different sets of parents, it’s advantageous for the child to have as many responsible adults in their life as possible. But that doesn’t always make the transitions between households easy, especially when they come with different rules, environments, and ways of handling stress.

One way this mother chooses to help ease her kids between houses and reduce the tension the children might feel about being shuttled back and forth is with a nice, relaxing bath. Only she gives her a special, energy-cleansing twist.

It’s actually nothing more than simple Epsom salts, but you can spice yours up with herbs, scents, or even bubbles. Though the name “salt” in the substance does not mean that it contains what most think of as sodium-based table salt, it is still believed by some to be capable of clearing negative energies. Epsom salts can certainly be used to release tension!

“I thought it was all in my head,” says one of the many enthusiastic comments from exasperated parents.” My toddler comes home so cranky & super temperamental when he comes back from his dad’s. Thank you for this!”

Since children can be such “intuitive and perceptive beings,” as the woman points out, it’s easy for them to get confused or stressed out in transitional situations, or when dealing with less-than-ideal situations. She says salt baths can recalibrate their aura and support good sleep.

And here I thought baths just chilled my kids out.

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