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South Carolina Woman Captures Film of "Cloud Cloaked" UFO

The disguise is nearly perfect.
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Many so-called UFO sightings are just instances in which people mistake lens-shaped, or lenticular, clouds for the stereotypical “flying saucers.” However, it is far more unusual for people to see a white fluffy cloud and say they think it’s really a spaceship. Still, what other explanation can there be for the number of people who have started seeing things that look exactly like puffy, white clouds, only they act in a way that no cloud really would. Is there some sort of new UFO cloaking ability that cases these crafts to look like nothing more than innocent clouds, or is something else going on?


In this video, a family is driving along the street when they spot a strange, small cloud in the sky. At least, they think it’s a cloud, but it seems to be moving very fast and as it grows closer, they realize that although it appears very cloud like, there is something more to this story.

In the comments, several people say that it’s actually just a formation of soap bubbles or mass produced foam, possibly blown into the sky from a nearby car wash or carnival. They claim to have seen things like this before.

In addition to the “car wash bubble” theory, there have recently been reports of advertising companies who can actually make logos or messages out of foam and send them aloft as a form of marketing. “Flogos,” “Cloudvertisement” and other brands use these methods as an alternative to skywriting, making their sky bound ads out of biodegradable and environmentally friendly soaps that will impart their message and vanish without a trace.

Maybe what this family saw was a cloud ad breaking apart in the sky.