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Mysterious Shadow Casts On Mountain When There Isn’t a Cloud In the Sky

What could be causing that shadow?

Many UFO enthusiasts believe that UFOs are capable of extraordinary acts of “cloaking” — that they can make themselves invisible not only to the naked eye, but also to technology that we use to detect aircraft, such as radar, satellites, and other techniques.

But is that what is going on in this video, in which a woman seems to notice a dark shadow hovering over a mountain, but nothing casts it?


In the video, a woman films a distant mountain that has a dark shadow across its face. However, the sky above and around the mountain is a clear, deep blue.

Some say that what she is filming is not a shadow at all, but rather burn marks, perhaps from a recent wildfire. “I don’t think these people know what burnt grass looks like,” says one, amused.

Of course, some viewers cannot help but note that despite the fact that the creator’s own shadow appears very long in the street in front of her, indicating that the sun is low in the sky behind her, at no point does she direct the camera back that way, where the cloud might be. With the sun that low, any cloud shadow would be coming from behind her. Additionally, since the sun is directly behind her, she might not be able to see the cloud between the mountain and the sun, as the sun’s rays shining around it would make any small cloud impossible to see against the glare.

There are so many alternative explanations, it seems this video is no longer a mystery after all.