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Family Records Something Opening Closet Door In The Witching Hour

It knocked over a lamp!

The 2007 film Paranormal Activity launched a franchise of movies centered on the idea of people setting up surveillance cameras in their own homes to record them as they go about their daily activities (and notably, while they sleep) in order to catch any kind of spooky stuff that might be occurring in their home. Unsurprisingly, this trend has spread and now you can, at will, watch real people do the exact same thing, setting up cameras all over their home and posting the results, real and faked, to YouTube, TikTok, etc.

This video is a creepy one that obviously owes a lot to the original Paranormal Activity film, especially given the set up in the bedroom, and the long shots of people sleeping in their actual beds. Oh, and the poltergeist.


In this video, a man sets up a camera so that he and his wife can record their bedroom while they are asleep. (I will leave aside all discussions for now about our willing entries into self-surveillance.) Sure enough, around four a.m., (according to the video) their closet door mysteriously opens. Then, their lamp is knocked over. No one stirs.

This account, @mikesghostvids, is known for recording themselves sleeping in various rooms in their home while ghosts cause shenanigans. They’ve recorded strange sounds on their home speakers, and even set up their XBox Kinect to record what they claim are ghostly figures walking around unseen.

Is it a hobby or a haunting? You be the judge.