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Clairvoyant Little Girl Shares How She Tunes Into Her Gift

She has some valuable teachings.

Kids say the darnedest things. It’s always so charming to hear the way that children interpret the beliefs that adults around them have taught. It’s such a sweet and endearing mixture of honest knowledge, wild misinterpretation, and the unexpected wisdom and insight unique to the soul of a child.

For this child, who her aunt claims is clairvoyant, her extrasensory powers of perception are helped along by particular actions and behaviors, and she would like to share these tips with you. 


In the video, a little girl named Jordyn is standing in nature explaining how to sense spirits, which involves putting your fingers to your head like a cartoon psychic, closing your eyes, and “looking around”. If these things seem at odds to you, don’t worry. Her aunt says she understands that putting her hands on her head “activates her third eye chakra.”

She says that in doing so, she’s able to see people and faces that her visible eye can’t see. In nature, she can sense the spirits of “berries” and “animals that don’t exist anymore.”

According to the lively conversation in the comments section, this little girl is a true nature lover. As soon as she stepped into the woods she said, “Home Sweet Home” and began hugging the trees. Given her stated sensitivities, being out in nature must give her a real sense of peace and communion.

“I love that you are talking about her gifts instead of dismissing it,” says one commenter, while others share stories of the things they began to notice at young ages, and how they wish they’d never lost their touch.