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What Is Claircognizance And How Can You Develop It?

Do you ever just...know something?

“If you’ve ever ‘just known something’ out of seemingly nowhere…but you’re struggling to trust that this is not ‘just in your head,’ this video is for you,” says TikTok psychic Emily Dexter. She defines this innate “knowing” as claircognizance, which is one of the lesser-discussed, but possibly more utilized psychic senses.

Because claircognizance involves simply “knowing something” a lot of people don’t even recognize it as a psychic ability at all, but think of it more as thrown mental prowess, a sort of “gut feeling” but of the brain.


In the video, the psychic says to pay attention to where your thought is coming from: can you trace the thought process that led you to your conclusion? Then it’s probably thought, instead of claircognizance. Does it just appear, fully formed, or come with a strangely foreign body sensation when it arrives? Then you might be claircognizant.

This psychic power is just the way you, personally, are perceiving spiritual energy. Some people hear the voices of their guardian angels, or have prophetic dreams, or see signs. Your spiritual enlightenment is coming in the form of received knowledge.

My colleague Bev G defines claircognizance as the following: “Claircognizance, also called ‘clear knowing,’ is the ability to know something without understanding how you know it. It’s a thought, a message from your intuition, or, more commonly, you just know it. Remember when you absolutely knew something for a fact, although you couldn’t pinpoint how you came to that conclusion?” She has a lot of tips on how to recognize it and develop it further