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Medium Claims Civil War-Era Ghost Shared Story of Endless Pain

This sounds awful.

Whatever your own personal beliefs, there are many people who claim that they see dead people as part of their daily lives. Some have learned to filter these interactions out, some fear them, and still others have made it part of their life’s work to help give these restless spirits some relief from their endless wandering. And that is what this woman claims she did with a recent ghost from the Civil War era who apparently took up residence on her dog’s bed.

Thanks to the wonders of “Ghost Tube” a smartphone app which claims to use your phone’s ability to detect electromagnetic fluctuations and help translate spiritual energies, she’s sharing this experience with us.

In the caption, the woman writes that the ghost, named Steven, told her his feet hurt from walking, and that everything was dark and he could not see.

Like many similar stories of souls trapped on this plane, Steven did not fully understand that he was dead, or the passage of time since his demise.

“He lay on our dog bed for almost a week in agony before he trusted me enough to cross him over. Talk about sad!” she writes in the comments. Although the phone app is helping her show us what she “sees,” this medium claims she experiences the presence of ghosts more like a vision in her mind and a feeling in her body.

She says that she helps these ghosts cross to the other side by praying and asking her spirit guides to “open a portal” and let their souls move on.

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