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This Spell For Financial Luck Can Be Made With a Cinnamon Stick

Seems simple enough...

The popular ideas about witch craft is that it’s some rarefied arcane art that requires exotic ingredients and expensive crystals and cauldrons. But its important to remember that most traditions were formed by ordinary people with few resources, and thus supplies can be basic and homey. In fact you can pick up a lot of what you need to start your practice of the unseen arts at thrift shops, supermarkets, and even dollar stores.

Take this spell for fortune and luck that can be made with a cinnamon stick, a bit of red string, and a pen.


First take a single cinnamon stick. Cinnamon is used for boosting manifestation of your wishes and spells, attracting good luck, and most pertinently, for money. You will also need a red thread, string, or ribbon. The color red is known for luck and for protection against the evil eye.

On the front of the cinnamon stick, carefully write down an affirmation for the thing you would like to attract into your life.

On the back, write the following: “I am wealthy,” as well as three numeral sevens and three dollar signs.

Wrap the thread tightly around the cinnamon stick while visualizing what it is you want to manifest. Tie four knots on either side of the stick. Keep the cinnamon stick hidden rom prying eyes, and every time you need an extra bit of luck, give it a quick rub while repeating those same affirmations.

May your harvest be bountiful. Best of luck!