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The Spiritual Reason to Add Cinnamon to Your Morning Coffee

Plus, it tastes amazing.
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Cinnamon is one of the predominant spices of the holiday season. Appearing everywhere from baked goods to mulled cider and wine, from to a key ingredient in homemade ornaments to the bundle of sticks in your holiday wreath, the scent of this delicious spice encompasses everything cozy, warm, and bright about the season.

People who believe in magic know the spiritual power of cinnamon, too. This powerhouse spice is known for its protective properties, as well as increasing abundance and spiritual intuition. It’s also a great ingredient in romance spells. And, apparently, coffee.

In this adorable video, a TikTok witch explains the best way to incorporate cinnamon into your morning coffee routine for a punch of flavor and magical luck.

First of all, a quick shout out to that adorable cauldron coffee mug. I think we all need one of those in our lives. (And I don’t just say this bc I’m literally drinking tea out of my own while I type this.)

Take your coffee, sprinkle liberally with cinnamon, then stir clockwise three times. According to the video, this will attract success and money.

In the comments, people debate its efficacy, and—more pertinently—the methodology. One person says adding cinnamon to the coffee grounds before brewing is going to taste way better. No word on how that affects the magic, though.

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