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Woman Claims Repeating This CIA ‘Code’ Takes Away All Your Pain

This actually worked for me!

Pain can be annoying, distracting, even debilitating, and the side effects or even addictions that can come from using painkillers aren’t much better. That’s why many people are trying to find ways to manage or eliminate their pain without the use of drugs. Some have turned to yoga, meditation, or even hypnotherapy. But I was surprised recently to learn that the CIA developed its own method of pain management, and the freaky part is, it works!

In this video, TikToker roadtoroses describes how she learned about this one nifty trick from a client who learned it while working for the US government. 


In the video, the woman described working with a man who had been a CIA agent who was tortured as a prisoner of war. He told her that he’d been trained not to feel physical pain, but if he told her how, she wouldn’t believe him. Indeed, she found the methodology completely wacky, but went to the internet to find that indeed, this was part of CIA training at one time, during a wacky initiative known as The Gateway Experience. (The USA was known for some wacky intelligence initiatives during the 20th century.)

What you do is close your eyes and focus on the body part in pain. Then begin repeating the numbers 5 5 5 1 5. The pain will lessen and even vanish.

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Naturally, I tried the trick, and folks, it works. It worked even better on a family member of mine with a rash, as we even saw a reduction in redness around the irritated site. Is it power of suggestion? Possibly. But I’m not mad at it. 

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