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Man Believes He Found Chupacabra in Parking Lot

And it marks its territory.

A Texas man swears in confusion at what he is seeing and rolls down his window for a better view of the strange creature hanging out on a grassy medium in a retail parking lot. The brain immediately tries to fit the shape into the “dog” category, but then the camera zooms in and the brain stumbles over what it’s seeing. The torso seems canine enough, but the head has an odd deer-like quality to it and the tail is skinny and long enough that it seems to drag on the ground. 

The creature seems to be eating something off the ground, the light catching its eye to shine in the dark. The camera pans the area around the unidentified beast to show it’s a perfectly average parking lot with nobody else apparently around. The animal then squats like a dog marking territory on the grass before trotting off across the parking lot and out of sight.

Skeptics will, of course, give the usual explanations of a hairless dog or coyote with mange which it could well be - but there is something about the shape of its mouth and length of its tail that offer doubt to those searching for the legendary chupacabra

These carnivorous cryptids often lack a common description beyond many reports claiming a canine appearance, with some even believing they may be able to shapeshift into shadows to avoid human detection. Many recent videos have surfaced of beasts attacking livestock that defy ready explanation other than asking “Is this a chupacabra?”  

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