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The Story of the Flanagan Family in Ontario, Canada Has to Be the Creepiest Christmas Haunting Ever

This isn’t very holly jolly of them...

If you’re looking for spooky tales for the holidays then you need to learn about the Flanagans. They moved into an old red brick house in St. Thomas, Ontario in the mid 1800s. This home had been abandoned for several years before the family moved in to their newly purchased property, but they thought nothing of moving in for the Christmas holidays. Immediately strange things started happening, but eerie noises and belongings ending up in odd places can be easily ignored when moving house. As Christmas grew nearer the paranormal activity intensified.  

The family reportedly began to see objects floating and moving on their own, strange visions with no logical explanation, and tapping noises that filled the house. The children in the family were very upset by these unexplainable events, especially after they began to have terrible premonitions of an impending disaster.

On Christmas Eve a dark, hooded figure appeared in their living room. He never spoke but seemed to be crying as if in deep sadness. Some believe this hooded figure was the spirit of a father who died years prior and was trying to reach out to his family, not realizing they were no longer there.

It is said this story of the Flanagan family Christmas Eve ghost has been passed down from generation to generation in St. Thomas to serve as a warning for those who seek contact with the spirit realm.

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