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This Child's Lonely Grave in Rural Nova Scotia Is Said to Be Haunted

If you don't bring her a toy, she'll curse you.
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At the end of a lonely dirt road in Nova Scotia lies the elaborately decorated headstone of a little girl who dies more than one hundred thirty years ago. This grave has an intriguing history, and plenty of local legends surround the site, which they say is home to either her restless spirit, or something far more dark and dangerous. 


Farmer’s daughter Catherine McIntosh was only eight years old when she died of an illness on April 23, 1889. Though originally buried in the town cemetery, due to a dispute with a neighbor, her body was exhumed and moved to this location, near the family’s farm. (One wonders what possible dispute would have led to such a gruesome outcome, but if there’s one thing I learned from reading Anne of Green Gables as a child, there are plenty of petty people in Victorian Nova Scotia.)

Visitors to the gravestone say that they can hear a child’s giggling, footsteps, and have even seen children’s handprints left on the dust their car gathered while driving down this dirt road.

Others have more sinister reports, saying that they heard “growling” and felt the ghost “push” them. According to legend, the spirit gets very very angry at you if you take a toy from her collection that people have left at the gravesite over the years.

There is also a rumor that she will be angry if you come to see her and do not leave a toy.

As the legend grows, more people have come to this spot to leave a gift for the ghost, and to test their luck with her temper.