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Woman Films Nephew Talking To Spirit Children in Nearby Cemetery

"They're nice!"
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Many people believe that children have special insight or access to the spirit world, and that children’s “imaginary friends” are really spirits. These ghosts or guardian angels show themselves only to young, innocent babies, whose sixth sense has not yet been dulled by the tumult of the daily grind.

I find this idea very intriguing, ll the more so when we get an example like the one in the video below, which is a pretty firm case in favor of this theory. 


In the video, a woman shares footage of her nephew talking to his invisible friends along the fence line. He talks often of these nice boys he plays with inner yard, back along the fence. They don’t come within elsewhere, just at the fence, and he insists they are some nice boys and he likes to play with him.

Here’s the thing, though. Her fence back up to a bit of woods and in this wilderness are a couple of ancient graves dating back to the eighteen hundreds, including some of children.

A medium who watched this video said that she shouldn’t fear the child’s interactions with the spirits. Not everything is evil, “You yourself are a spirit in a meat sack,” she points out. “Sometimes spirits want to interact with the living because it’s fun.” She says the best advice she has for this family is not to instill fear in the child for having this experience. “But one day, just like most of us, that gift will be gone.”