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When Children Claim to Have Memories of Their "Past Lives"

These stories are so eerie!
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Some people believe in reincarnation, and that souls are eternal beings that incarnate over and over again, learning various lessons about existence in each lifetime. A “soul group,” is the idea that groups of people meet again in life after life, although their roles are not always the same. A person who was a friend or a brother in this life might be a parent or a lover in another. In this way, the love between people can transcend lifetimes. Children occasionally have elaborate stories about their past lives, including details about how they died and about their “other families” who once took care of them. Sometimes these stories can be surprisingly moving, or contain astonishing details that map with real people, places, or historical times.

In this story, a child with a vivid memory of a past life says that not only does he know how he died, but that he could lead people to where his body was buried.

This story is filled with chilling details. Not only does the boy know he was murdered, and was able to lead his mother to his buried corpse, but when they dug it up, they found an ax wound on the dead person’s forehead that actually corresponded to a birthmark the child bore on his own head.

Some people believe that birthmarks are indeed the scars a soul bears from lifetime to lifetime and any mark on your body might correspond to something that happened to you in a previous life.

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