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How Childbirth Can Affect Your Psychic Abilities

Your sense of perception is growing by leaps and bounds!

I often tell my children that one of the things that happen when you become a parent is that you get an extra set of eyes (invisible, of course!) that grow in the back of your head. The way you can keep an eye on your kids even when your back is turned. I don’t know if I have particularly credulous kids or what, but they seem to have bought it, at least for a little while.

However, now I’m wondering if there isn’t something to my claim. Maybe childbirth did make me a little bit psychic.

In this video, TikTok-trendy psychic medium “The Lightseer” answers viewers questions about their own supernatural abilities. Particularly: can becoming a parent impart a sixth sense?

According to him, yes, pregnancy can change your psychic abilities. He claims the process has to do with energy trapped in your bones and organs being released when those organs shift during pregnancy and childbirth.

But what if there’s another cause altogether? Parenting—whether you have physically given birth to the baby or not—is all about tuning into another human’s needs on a deep, non-verbal level. Not just their physical needs, either, but their emotional and spiritual needs. Any parent can probably tell a story of a time that they had a six sense about something their child needed. 

Was it simple intuition, or psychic abilities developing as a result of trying so deeply to understand the human in your care?

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