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Woman Believes She Captured a Child Spirit Leaving Her Closet

The cat is certainly interested in that space...

Some people think that ghosts are actually the souls of the dead, trapped on Earth in a kind of mortal-plane purgatory. Others think they are nothing more than an imprint of a human spirit on a place, a memory, like the markings left on a pad of paper after the writing has been erased.

After finding a child’s tooth in her home, as well as other ominous signs, this TikToker is convinced that her house is haunted by the spirit of a child. She has several videos on her site of a strange shadow hovering in her rooms and even chasing her cat up the stairs.


However, the spirit and the cat seem to have made friends. In this video, the cat is stationed outside one of the woman’s closet doors, patiently scratching. The woman says that there are only two places in the house where her cat engages in this kind of behavior, and she thinks it has something to do with the spirit.

After she opens the closet door, she says she can see a flash of light exiting the closet, as if the ghost was trapped inside until she opened the door. Why a door would keep a ghost inside is not explained.

However, once the door is open and the “spirit” exits, the cat seems to lose all interest in the closet. Which, honestly, is just like a cat, isn’t it?

For other insight into the behavior of the spirits in this haunted house, make sure to check out the other videos on the woman’s TikTok page