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Woman Catches Child's Shadow Behind Shower Door, But There's Nothing There

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Why is the idea of a child ghost so much more terrifying than an adult one? Perhaps it is related to the unrelenting wrongness of a child being dead at all. The very thought is unnatural, and so an unnatural spirit of such a thing is doubly so. A young person, taken long before their time, should not be trapped on the mortal plane, doomed to walk the earth alone, unseen and unnoticed, and incapable of moving on.

And yet, what to think of this incident, in which a woman records the shadow of a ghostly child hiding behind her shower door?

In the video a woman approaches a frosted shower door, calling “Hello?” In the image can see what looks like a child-sized shadow. She says she started the recording because she saw something staring at her. As she comes closer, the shadow appears to move.

Detractors thought she’d just made up a fake video with her kid in the shower, so she posted another image of her son standing in the shower, showing how even with the frosted glass, you could clearly make out details of his features and clothing, whereas this was just a shadow.

Shadow people are a poorly understood phenomenon. These beings are shadows that appear out of nowhere, with no one and nothing around to cast them. Paranormal researchers have a whole host of theories as to what these beings might be: ghosts, guardian spirits, phase-slip creatures from another dimension, or even demons.

Would you get back in that shower? I don’t think I would!

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