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Man Films Child’s Literally Glowing Aura as He Plays

This is honestly beautiful.

People who believe in aura believe they are the physical or spiritual manifestation of that person’s mood, personality, or psychic energy. A luminous body of energetic vibrations that surround your physical self, and can be seen by those trained to do so, or, occasionally, if we just get really lucky. In other words, sometimes, an individual’s soul shines so brightly that it can actually be seen by the naked eye. And that appears to be what is happening here, where a child happily playing in the yard reveals that what he really is is a luminous spirit. As Carl Sagan once said, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”


In the video, a man films a group of children playing happily in the yard. It’s nothing more than an innocent game of “Ring Around the Rosy,” which kids have been playing for hundreds of years, and these kids are clearly having a ball. But one little boy actually seems to glow. As the man films, you can clearly see a gorgeous halo of light surrounding the child as he zips and swoops and spins with the other laughing children on the grass.

“Boy, you are rich, rich rich. Look at that glow coming off of shorty,” he marvels as he films. Viewers of the video agree.

“Looks like he’s protected. So divine!” Exclaims one.

“That’s his aura. It’s blue. His happiness brought it out,” observes another.

It’s such a sweet video, and one I’m sure the family will treasure for always.