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9-Year-Old Child Has Surprisingly Insightful Theory About the Universe

Someone give this kid a PhD.

The intelligence of children is so pure, and can be unexpectedly profound. Their imaginations and minds are so big, they are like little philosophers, stumbling into universal truth after universal truth that adults can hardly wrap their brains around.

After listening to this little boy talk about the nature of the universe, I’m inclined to think that most kids are way smarter than adults. Their mental plasticity can hold such enormous concepts, even if they can’t seem to remember how to tie their shoes.


“Basically, humans are on one space—one environment that is inside another environment. We’re on Earth, which is just one planet in the galaxy,” the boy explains matter-of-factly. “It’s like we’re one ant in the yard. The ant doesn’t know there’s more than the patio here. He just keeps walking. He doesn’t know he’s part of lots of world. And the human race is sort of like that. After we discover what’s up there we’ll know we’re only a little part of the whole galaxy.”

“So do you think we’re alone in the universe?” the adult taking the video asks.

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“No,” the little boy scoffs. “I think there are many different kinds of life forms… some may be invisible, some may not have been discovered some might be in places we can’t go.”

He goes on to discuss the complexity of alternate universes, and then, to round out the discussion, ruminates on his own formulation of Cartesian philosophy. I gotta say, I am very impressed. 

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