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English Ghost Hunters Capture Image of Ghost Child in Castle Ruins

It runs off as soon as it is noticed.

These English ghost hunters have a fertile ground upon which to stalk their prey. With thousands of years of history, tons of tragedies, and more old houses and castle ruins than you can shake an EMF meter at, it leaves one wondering if there’s an acre of the British Isles that doesn’t have a resident ghost.

This castle certainly shows some paranormal activity, as the explorers found while on a recent hunt. They claim to have gotten a thermal image of a spirit child among the crumbling stones.


In the video, they are setting up their cameras when one of them is suddenly shocked to see an unexpected reading on his thermal device. Upon closer inspection, it looks like a child who peeks around the corner of the arch and then turns and runs off.

But there was no one there, and certainly not any child.

“Sad to think they may be alone there,” says one viewer, noting what desolate environs they are to spend eternity in.

Another argues that there are no such thing as child ghosts, that they are merely demons taking the form of children, which is an especially creepy thought.

But others have questions, such as this one:

“How would a ghost be thermal though? Genuine question, I am a full believer,” says one viewer, which makes perfect sense to me. After all, common ghost hunting knowledge says that cold spots appear when an entity is near. Maybe what is really happening is that the ghost is sucking all the thermal energy out of an area in order to have enough for itself to manifest.