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Woman Asks Her Toddler a Question, But Something Else Answers

Who else is in the room?

There’s nothing creepier than hearing voices where one does not expect a voice to be. And when messing around in a playroom with your toddler daughter, the only voice you expect to hear is your own and the child’s. Perhaps that is why when this woman was talking, she originally thought it was her kid that was answering. 


In this video from reddit's r/Ghosts forum, a woman is filming her toddler playing with a toy, and asks her what she’s doing. Then, as if she heard an answer, the woman playfully echoes, “Nothing?” and the girl laughs. However, upon reviewing the recording, the mother realizes that her child hadn’t said anything at all, even though she had been certain her kid had responded to her. Even creepier, if you turn the volume on the video way up, you can almost hear something else saying, “Nothing,” — right before the mother repeats the word.

Some viewers of the video claim the soft, deep-voiced “nothing” spoken by an unseen presence and audible on the recording is not there at all, but merely a type of “aural apophenia” or the tendency of our minds to fill in missing pieces and create meaning where there is nothing. We hear something in this video say “nothing” because we understand that the mother’s response was to a perceived answer by her child.

Others say that the mother was clearly responding to something, and if it was audible to her in the room, it only makes sense that you can hear it on the recording as well. “This is the only post on this forum to give me chills,” admits one who absolutely believes it’s a ghost.