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Child Shows Her Father The Dog Spirit She's Befriended

What a sweetie!

Children and their imaginations—or, depending on what you believe, their special association with the spirit world—are alarmingly sweet when they tell you stories about their special invisible friends. Many people believe that the imaginary friends kids have are not in their head at all, but rather they are the spirits and ghosts of things beyond this realm who have a unique connection with innocent children. But whether you believe them guardian angels or figments of a fertile imagination, these stories are always adorable.

Take this young woman, who is quite certain that she has made friends with a diminutive spirit she calls Harner.


In the video, a little girl explains patiently to her father that she has befriended a ghost called Harner (or possibly Hannah? It’s hard to tell). He listens intently, asking open-ended questions as she provides more and more details about what it is she sees in the corner of the kitchen. She kneels to touch Harner, putting arm arm reassuringly on this invisible creature, as she explains that Harner is wearing a plaster (a bandage) due to her having fallen down the stairs.

A medium who looked at this video says that he thinks Harner is actually a dog spirit, and senses the energy responding to her kindly pets and attention the way any dog would, by wagging its tale and panting with delight.

In the comments, people share stories of their own children and those kids’ varied imaginary friends. “Please never tell her she’s wrong,” one viewer begs. The mother, who posted the video, replies, “Her Dad and I would never shut her down like that.”

Now that’s gentle parenting.