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Couple Sets Up Camera to Capture What’s Been Killing Their Hens and Captures Something Else Entirely

Good thing his wife is a realtor… might be time to leave!

This couple set up a camera trap to try and solve the mystery of what has been killing their chickens. On first look it seems like it’s just a rooster statue falling over, but if you watch closely you can see the rope on the ground move, like an invisible force is nudging it with a foot. A poultry-geist, if you will. 


Some commenters claim to see a very faint shadowy figure moving by the fence gate just after the rope moves, but an equal number see nothing no matter how many times they view the footage. 

Many commenters jump right to the conclusion that this is the work of a ghost but there is another creature more commonly associated with chicken attacks - the chupacabra. While its name translates to “goat-sucker” for its vampiric association with draining blood, it is known to attack livestock of all sizes ranging from chickens to cows.

Chupacabras are reported with many different appearances when seen, but very few sightings of the creature itself exist. Unfortunately, the most common experience is to only see traces the hungry cryptid leaves behind, notably in deceased livestock. This leaves skeptics wide open to freely blame traditional predators such as coyotes or big cats, but that still leaves the mystery of the unseen entity hanging out in this couple’s chicken coop.