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This California Park Holds a Grisly Secret

They left the bodies behind...
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The town of Whittier, California, outside of Los Angeles has a long and fascinating history. From the days of rancher and last Mexican Governor of “Alta California” Pio Pico to the largely Quaker settlement of a century ago (the town is named for a Quaker poet), there have been many different kinds of people who lived and died in this burg. Two early cemeteries, Mont Olive and Broadway, were dedicated to housing the town’s dead, but after decades of neglect and deterioration, the town decided to close them down and rededicate the land to a public park.

The only issue: what to do with the bodies?

When the town was planning out what is now known as Founders Park they removed all the headstones from the decaying cemeteries. They also tried their best to get in touch with surviving families regarding moving the remains to other burial grounds. But, if the person in the group could not be identified or no surviving family located, they did not move the remains at all. They just built the park over it!

“The ones that weren’t moved are still resting here,” a Whittier Museum official told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. “Because their family members weren’t able to be reached and therefore the city wasn’t allowed to do anything with their bodies.”

Visitors to the park now say that an eerie fog descends on the land at night, as if haunted by the spirits of the restless, forgotten dead—but that just sounds like par for the course in the valleys around Los Angeles.

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