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Family Terrified By the Thing That Won't Stop Knocking on Their Ceiling

Calling Edgar Allan Poe...

Like a lot of people, I played with an Ouija board as a child. For me, it was just a silly game, and my friends and I definitely cheated at it, pushing the planchette in order to make the “spirits” say embarrassing things about the other players, or reveal their crushes to the whole slumber party. (Yes, this happened to me and I still haven't forgiven that girl!)

Maybe we got lucky, though, because the number of horrific stories I’ve heard about people using Ouija boards and thereafter becoming extremely haunted is enough to ensure that I shall never allow one of those cursed objects in my home. Perhaps I’ve become more superstitious with age, or maybe I’ve just seen too many videos like these.


In this video, a family is tormented by an unseen entity which amuses itself by banging on the walls and ceilings of their home. Whatever this thing is, it knocks around their lighting fixture, opens and shuts doors, and otherwise makes of itself a noisy nuisance.

Here’s the kicker: they had lived in this house for a while with no paranormal activity. Then, they had a session with an Ouija (or Quija) board and somehow invited this being in. Ever after, it was relentless.

After dealing with this spirit for a while, and even being featured on TV, they finally decided to move, presumably leaving the problem for the next resident. Or did they? Their last video reveals that they’ve chosen to take their Ouija board to their new hoe, which is honestly the kind of thinking one expects from a horror movie-protagonist, rather than a family who has really suffered the presence of an angry ghost.