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Woman Claims Her Cat is "Moving Through Portals" in Home

Cats are such mysterious creatures...
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For thousands of years, cats and humans ave lived in a sort of symbiotic harmony. Many researchers don’t think cats are actually domesticated the way that dogs or horses are. According to this theory, humans did not purposefully bring cats into our lives to hunt, ranch, shepherd, or help us with those tasks. Rather, they came along for the ride because, at the advent of agriculture, we had grain, and grain brought exactly the kinds of pests and critters that cats love to hunt and eat.

Perhaps this is what has led to cats’ longstanding air of magic and mystery. It is well known that the Egyptians worshipped the animals, holding them in high regard. Felines are also beloved in Japan, where they were first recorded pet cat in the nation caused a sensation at the court of an emperor in the ninth century. The prophet Muhammed’s love of cats is legendary, and they were feared for their magical properties in medieval Europe. Mystics in many cultures believed that cats had special insight into the divine, and that they could even “walk between worlds.”

Maybe that’s what going on here.

In this video, a woman shares a story of a time when her cat seemed to appear and disappear in her home without warning. Curiously, in the story, she also talks about her cat behaving in an unusual manner, being farmer vocal and “cuddly” than the creature usually is. Maybe that was because it was scared (my cat—not a very clingy creature—gets all over me every time we go to the vet). Or maybe it’s because it was not “her cat at all—but rather, an identical creature from another dimension.

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