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Cat Mom Shares Story of Time Dead Kitty Came to Visit

This is so sweet.
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One of the most moving things I’ve ever heard about losing a pet is that, while they are only with you for a little while, you are their entire lives. For animals like dogs and cats, their lifetimes are so short compared to ours that we experience many instances of pet loss throughout our pet-having years. But despite their short tenure on this Earth, they are never truly forgotten, particularly if their spirit likes to hang out and continue on with their old routines.

For this cat momma, the concept of her pet remaining close to her is not just theoretical. She swears she got a visit from her dead cat.

In this video, a woman relates the story of waking up in the middle of the night and feeling a cat sleeping on her pillow, just like her recently deceased kitty Gus used to do. She then heard the cat jump to the floor and pad off into the kitchen.

She claims she knew it was Gus, and that her other two animals were still asleep in bed with her. The kitchen, she claims, is where she keeps the animal’s ashes. She says she heard a little grumpy meow from him, as if he was annoyed to have to leave her, and then he was gone.

Normally, she says, she’d be scared by such an episode, but she felt no fear at all, as she was certain that it was only her beloved pet saying hello to her from beyond.

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