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Woman Says She Filmed Cat "Disappearing into a Portal"

They are experts at hiding...
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Many people think cats have special senses and insights, that they can predict hurricanes, gauge personalities at a glance, and even see ghosts. For thousands of years, various cultures around the globe have attributed supernatural abilities to the creatures. From Egyptian cat goddesses to Witch’s familiars, there has always been something otherworldly about felines. Some even believe that cats can walk between worlds.

That is certainly the case for this woman, who claims that she filmed her kitty disappearing through a portal.

This video, taken of a cat playing fetch and vanishing into thin air, is stumping folks on the internet. Well, folks that aren’t cat owners, that is. Those of us familiar with the antics of those furry little beasties—especially when they’re in the grips of the so-called “roomies”—know exactly how easy it is for them to disappear in the blink of an eye.

And though it does in fact look like the kitty has vanished, what is most likely happening here—as several skeptics have pointed out—is that the cat is just exiting, stage right, off screen. It’s a trick of the eye due to the way the objects in the video are positioned, that make it look like it has vanished.

However, stories abound online t of cats “disappearing through portals” and finding themselves in the strangest, most unlikely places. Seriously, if you’re ever down, just search “cats where they shouldn’t be” on Twitter or other social media apps, and you’ll be treated to a collection of the most bizarre, amusing, contortionist, extreme cat parkour imaginable.

You’re welcome.

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