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Cat Mom Convinced Kitty Sees Ghost Of Recently Deceased Dog

She doesn’t look too happy about the paranormal visit.

Though many cats get along well with the dogs who share their home, the saying “fighting like cats and dogs” persists because dogs can indeed be a bit mischievous, and cats are not ones to suffer fools. But this dog seems to have gotten the last word on the matter—from beyond the grave.


Though this woman recently lost her beloved dog, she believes that her cat is still subject to the canine’s old tricks. In the video, the cat stares in shocked horror at a spot across the bed where her dog used to lay. Its green eyes wide, the cat rears back, as if stunned by a sight that no one else can see.

Now, cats have far better senses than humans. Their hearing is three times as sensitive as ours and their sense of smell beats ours by a factor of fourteen. These powers help aid our furry little predators in catching their prey. However, a cat’s sense of vision is a bit more complicated. Though they have better night vision and a wider field of sight than people, cats are what we’d consider nearsighted, and cannot detect the brand range of colors we can.

But maybe this cat has another sense that we’re not aware of at all, a sixth sense that tells it there is something on the bed with them, even if the woman and the camera cannot detect it at all. And whatever it is, this cat doesn’t want to be anywhere near it. The woman taking the video had better hope that all it is is the ghost of her old dog teasing the cat during nap time, because the alternative is it’s something far worse.

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