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Cat In A Box Makes the Cutest Glitch in the Matrix

Awwww...Maybe we don't want to escape this simulation?
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 “A glitch in the Matrix” is the affectionate term for experiencing something that seems to defy the laws of space and time. It is named for the beloved 1999 movie about people living in a computer simulation, in which they use the term to describe times when the malevolent artificial intelligence that has enslaved humanity “reprograms” something around our heroes in order to try to trick and capture them. Now, when people experience an event that makes them think their reality is somehow fake, they call it a glitch in the Matrix. Ironically, the one in the movie also features a black cat, but he wasn’t doing anything nearly so cute as the one in this photo.


“His coming was foretold,” reads the adorable caption on this adorable photo, in which a black and white tuxedo kitty does what kitties do and makes himself at home in a cardboard box. The interesting thing is that this cardboard box is one of cat food, and the picture on the box is of a cat that looks exactly like the real cat, pushing his head through a hole in the box that looks precisely like the hole in the box the real cat is looking through.

Of course it’s staged. I admit to buying items with cats that look like my cat on them all the time. And if I had such a cat, and such a box, of course I’d cut a hole in it and wait for my cat to inevitably climb inside and pose for me.

But it’s still cute as can be.