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Cassandra Yorgey


News Writer, Exemplore

Cassandra Yorgey began her writing career reporting on science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal genre but garnered national attention for breaking news on the James Arthur Ray sweat lodge murders in Arizona, 2009. She has also worked full time staff positions for local print newspaper publications. 


  • Cassandra grew up in a small family-owned tourist cave in northeastern Pennsylvania and has been fascinated by the border where myth meets reality since kindergarten, when she discovered a book about cryptids tucked away in the school library. 
  • As a teenager she successfully added side-quests to several family vacations to pursue investigations into local rumors of the paranormal and supernatural.
  • This passion for the fantastic has fueled a career writing reviews for fantasy and science fiction books, press coverage for genre conventions and fairs, as well as more mundane news coverage of the muggle variety.
  • Inside her there are two wolves, one of them is Mulder and the other one is Scully. 


Cassandra took writing courses at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and community colleges before transitioning into the workforce. 

She maintained a speculative fiction news column and national social change column for, covered local news for a subsidiary of AOL, and worked with private companies to provide contracted writing for their businesses. She later transitioned onto the management team of a local print newspaper. 

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