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There's a Town Full of Psychics and Yes, You Can Visit It

This spiritualist camp is for the believers.

The spiritualist camp of Cassadaga Springs, Florida was founded in the late 1800s by trance medium George Colby, who adopted the name from a similar community in New York and claims he was sent south by his personal spirit guide, the ghost of a Seneca Indian. His association of spiritualists survives to this day. The group lives in the several dozen homes in this small Florida town, where many practice as healers, as well as run shops, a hotel, and other businesses on the property. They view their belief system, spiritualism, as a way to connect the living and the dead that lives at the intersection of science, philosophy, and religion.

In this video, you can see a short tour of some of the amenities and activities that await you in Cassadaga Springs. 


The town is known as the psychic capital of the country because of the number of mediums and healers who live in the small community. Popular attractions include a fairy garden, a bookstore, and of course, getting readings in the homes and apartments of the psychics who live there.

Visitors to the town say it is filled with a very special magical energy and the official organization’s website claims that “vortices” of psychic power have developed all over Cassadaga as a result of all the psychic work occurring in the area. Of course, magical practitioners have long claimed that Florida is a hotbed of spooky energy, due to its limestone bedrock and watery surrounds. (In fact, Cassadaga is said to mean “water beneath the rocks” in the language of the Seneca.) Both limestone and water are known to be great conductors of mystical energy, which is why Florida is so very, very weird. 

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