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Canadian Man Sees Massive UFO While Out Driving

He said it was the size of a city block!

One of the challenges with getting decent video of UFOs is that they appear and disappear extremely quickly. Also, we don’t all necessarily have high-powered cameras lying around, or ones are much better at doing more than pointing and shooting. Thus, many UFO videos are of low quality, taken at night or by zooming in with our smartphones. Is it any wonder that people are so quick to debunk videos of UFO encounters, even when people do manage to take them?

Take this photo that a Canadian man managed to capture while driving down the highway one night in British Columbia. Online, people are debating whether it’s just a reflection from his interior car lights. But he says he saw something huge.


The helpful folks at Reddit’s r/UFOs forum are doing good work trying to clean up and brighten his photo, but even with all their tech know-how, it’s still nothing but blue lights in the blackness. He apologize for the rough imagery, but says that it was a massive thing--the size of a football field--just hovering in the night, and that it suddenly vanished.

Skeptics of the entire encounter wonder if he didn’t just mistake a reflection on his car’s window for something that was really next to him on the road, but he says he had his window down and was taking pictures of it by sticking his phone and hand outside the car. However, the craft “vanishing” as soon as he turned a corner would be in keeping with the “reflection of interior car lights” theory. Others wonder why he didn’t stop, but he said he was too frightened.

All I know is if I saw a UFO on the side of the road, grabbing my phone or camera probably wouldn’t even cross my mind until it was too late.